About Proxxon Tools

Thilo began using Proxxon Hand tools in Germany over 30 years ago.

When he established T-LO's Ultimate Offroad in the U.S., many customers showed interest in this tool line and asked if Proxxon could be made available. Because of this popular demand, T-LO's is now a distributor for Proxxon Hand tools.

Thilo's comments:
Proxxon tools from Germany are engineered for industrial use. What I like about this tool line is they are designed very simply, are versatile, durable and practical.
For instance, all ratchets are forged out of a one piece Chrome Vanadium 31 CrV 3 Steel. A satin chrome finish ensures a better grip compared to other finishes.
The labeling is done via laser engraving instead of stamping or casting. This increases the visibility of the tool lettering.
The rotary ratchets are exceptionally useful and time saving.
The tool boxes containing the smaller sets are mainly made of powder coated steel. The larger ratchet sets and road emergency kits come in a high quality acid and gas resistant plastic case. The arrangements of the tools in the tool sets are well thought out for easy use. The complete sets come in very handy for use outside the shop since they contain the most important tools without the need to carry a huge toolbox.
The most impressive items of the Proxxon tool line are the specialty ratchets and torque wrenches. Also be sure to check out the slim line wrenches.

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