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German Made Custom Pinzgauer Plates

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T-LO's Pinzgauer Plates

Tired of always being asked,
"What the hell is this?"

One of these plates will give a clear answer and it glows in the dark too!

These plates are real metal plates with the "D" for Germany and the circle of stars for the European Union. The florescent white background makes it stick out at night, as you can see in the photos.
Two different styles are available saying either "Pinzgauer" or "Pinz 6x6".
These plates have been custom made for
T-LO's in Germany and cannot easily be reproduced since they cannot be printed without a work order from the German MVD.
They come either with no holes, marked drilling locations, or pre-drilled to bolt right onto the existing plate location on the drivers side front of your Pinzgauer.

Very limited supply,
grab one while they last.

$45.00 each

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