Pinzgauers For Sale

All Pinzgauers offered through T-LO's Ultimate Offroad
have been imported in compliance with all U.S. requirements.
All buyers will be issued a clear AZ Title in their name.

Every vehicle featured and pictured on this website is the actual vehicle
for sale, is on location, is 100% street legal & ready to be driven off the lot legally with a dealer issued permit.

710M, 710K, 712M Pinzgauers
In various conditions & configurations

PLEASE NOTE: Always inquire via email for updated vehicle inventory. Many vehicles are not featured on our website. A variety of Project vehicles including 6x6 Pinzgauers are always on location and can be custom built to fit your needs.

Pinzgauer 712C #0283 Sold

Pinzgauer 710M #1030 SOLD

Pinzgauer 710K #1758 Sold.

Pinzgauer 712M #0199 Sold

Pinzgauer 712M #1456 Sold

Pinzgauer 710M #3458 Sold

Pinzgauer 710K #1735 Sold

Pinzgauer 710M #8439 Sold

Pinzgauer 710K #615 - Sold

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