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Driving the Pinzgauer
along the Southeast
shore of Oahu
on the Kalanianaole Hwy.

Same Hwy. on the east shore;
the bridge is the one Drew Barrymore
passed w/ yellow VW Thing
in movie "50 First Dates"

The Pinzgauer 712M at
at Kailua Beach
with a "Hawaiian Designs"
outrigger canoe on top

Nice view out of Pingauer
while parked at Kailua Beach
on east shore.
Popoia Island in background

Kalapawai Market
in Kailua Bay.
Goood burgers...

John Martin of
"Hawaiian Designs"
with his 712M in the jungle
near Kahuku Forest Reserve on
northeast side of Oahu

Just out of the jungle
and there
is the ocean view

Going north on the
Kamehameha Hwy. towards
Kualoa Ranch on the east shore

This little island in background
is called Mokolii
or "Chinaman's Hat"

The entry
to Kualoa Ranch
with new visitor center

Jungle Expedition
at Kualoa Ranch
with 712M Pinzgauers

Take the Pinzgauer jungle tour
at Kualoa Ranch
and go for another short hike
to enjoy the spectacular view
down into Ka'a'awa valley

Turn around and
take a look up to the
mountains surrounding
the jungle to the west

Now we have the privilege
of driving John Martin's 712M
Pinzauer into the valley.
Taking the north route,
we enter right near the Kamehameha Hwy.

Surreal views as we
enter "Jurassic Park" with the Pinz.
The "Gallimus Dinosaur Stampede" scene
was filmed here

It gets better and better.
Remember the "Godzilla" movie...

Born and raised on this island
John and his friend Barry are thrilled at
the opportunity
to drive the Pinzgauer in this special place

Passing a tour Hummer.
Now, which passengers have the
better view of the surroundings here?

"Hanging Loose"
in the
jungle surroundings

More jungle
coming up

Wondering just how
many Pinzgauers could be
parked under this tree...

No real challenges
for the Pinzgauer
since we stayed
on established trails.

Views, views views...

In case I haven't mentioned it yet;
I think
John Martin really enjoys his Pinzgauer

It is hard to imagine
any other vehicle
better suited for these tours
than the Pinz

There is
Gozilla's footprint!
We decided not to drive through it...

The famous tree
from the
"Jurassic Park" movie

Pinzilla in the mist...

We really enjoyed riding on the top
Folding custom seats for the top
are already in the
R&D stage
at T-LO's--Inquire if you operate a Pinzgauer tour business

One of my
personal Pinzgauer
driving highlights

World War II
bunker on
Kualoa Ranch

Back to Kailua Beach Park
with another canoe creation
from John Martin

Yeah yeah,
that canoe is just a tad long
for the Pinzgauer
but not as long as a Kohola (humpback whale)
and fun to ride

Everywhere we went with the
Pinz/canoe combo
we got attention from the locals
and even some swiss(!) tourists

A Big Mahalo
to everyone
from Thilo

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