The Definitive UNIMOG

The correct translation for the word UNIMOG is "Universalmotorgerät", which means Universal Motor Device. The German made Mercedes Benz UNIMOG was engineered in the late 1940's and is still being built today with the same basic features.

This proves the excellence of this concept.

The UNIMOG 404 S is a 1.5 ton truck with a 6 cylinder gas engine, which was built from 1955 up to 1972 without any major changes. This ensures a good supply of spare parts for years to come. The Major offroad advantages are the excellent weight distribution, low center of gravity, and portal axels with fully enclosed drive shafts and locking differentials. THIS IS A SERIOUS VERSATILE VEHICLE WITH EXCELLENT HEAVY-DUTY OFF-ROAD CAPABILITIES!

Why spend a lot of money to convert or improve other 4 wheel drive vehicles if you can get all these outstanding features on a stock, proven UNIMOG for a very reasonable price? HOWEVER, there is no limit to any extras and improvements!

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