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T-LO's Ultimate Hubsteps

These newly designed hubsteps ensure easy entry into the vehicle and can be mounted on all wheels

T-LO's new design features a lighter weight product due to the use of a laser cut ring instead of a solid round plate in the back.
It also eliminates the use of a rubber backing by using a precise offset weld in the back so the hubsep gets just the right tension to be mounted securely betwen the hub and the rim.

The main factor for eliminating the rubber pad was to make the installation simpler and prevent corrosion between the hubstep and the mounting surfaces.
This new hubstep is also a little bit shorter in order to prevent interference with obsticals in rough terrain.
The steel pipe features machined grooves for less slippage when placing your foot on the step.

These hubsteps are extremely strong and have been tested successfully several times by putting the whole weight of the vehicle on them and abusing them any way possible.
You will break the truck before breaking the weld on these steps!

For maximum corrosion protection and durability they are powder coated semi-gloss black. No cheap paint here. Also available in perfect match Swiss OD Green powder coat finish for extra $10.

Get the ultimate hubstep for your Pinzgauer.

$147.00 for the pair

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