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This is what the Exc.I
looks like
in good working order

The Exc. II; easily recognizable
by the groove cut
across the spider gear

The Exc.I gear shaft with
excessive wear on
the surface

A Close-up of the
surface area damage due to
lack of lubrication

This is the
damaged surface on the
inside of the gear

This is what a new
Exc.II spider gear looks like

A new Exc.II
spider gear shaft
with the oil hole

A close-up view of the
brass sleeve for Exc.II
between gear shaft & the gear

A nice comparison
between the Exc.I
and Exc.II gear set

Now what
looks different

Let's take
a closer look at the
center of the shaft

Aren't there supposed to be
2 gears attached with 2 shafts
in that opening-Where did they go?

This is the top half
of the diff housing with some
pretty clear hints of what happened here

Here they are!
Spider gears & shafts, etc;
The whole Exc.I mess is now
at the bottom of
the differential

It takes a lot of force
to break a gear like this in half.
Just imagine this broken gear locking up your rear wheels while driving in traffic!

There is a heat spot
from a part rubbing against this gear
besides some other damages
which make this gear useless.

Another close-up showing
the force which destroyed
these gears and the
differential housing around them

Final front view of the
destroyed differential.
You be the judge

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