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Pinzgauer #1456

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1973 Pinzgauer 712M 6x6 truck

60851 Km/38031 miles

This is another 6x6 with the rare split tailgate.
Excellent running vehicle with good rust-free body and nice paint.
Very good front & rear canvas. Rear canvas has very good plastic windows.
Good interior with nice front seats and good engine cover.
Nice steering wheel and very good front door panels.
Rear benches virtually new with new rubber stops (the split-tail gate version normally has no back benches!).
T-LO's custom side rails just installed with new stainless steel hardware.
Stock tires in decent condition including spare.
Windshield wiper conversion.
All good axle boots.
Good exhaust system and muffler.
Has T-LO's front hub steps installed.
Batteries are newer.
This vehicle has T-LO's freshly powder coated winch bumper and bumper lights.
Exterior mirrors are new and T-LO's custom roof-top spare tire carrier is installed.
This vehicle has the Exc.II gear upgrade installed in all three differentials. Please read the important feature by clicking our our FAQ for the Exc. II gear upgrade on this website in the FAQ section.
The engine runs very good and the carburetors have just been serviced.
Like all vehicles from T-LO's this truck has been imported in compliance with all state and federal regulations. California legal!
This vehicle comes complete with snow chains, gerry can, tool set, etc.
An English operators manual is also included.
One of the few left.

Pinzgauers like this one
are very hard to find now.


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